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We have traveled the highlands of North Luzon as we begin our pursuit of helping out our local farmers through buying directly local produce and eliminating the burden of transporting their goods to the metro as well reducing carbon footprints. Our exciting journeys have not just crossed different mountains but meeting our local farmers have become the most rewarding part as we learn on the different facets of livelihood and sustainable farming. Most specially, the incomparable passion and priceless efforts of our farmers that have almost gone unnoticed for ages. 

Every weekend, we travel the north and even some farmers from the Visayas have started joining our growing community of The Good Farms. When you buy our products, you directly help the farmers big time! It's a win-win story when we consumers get to enjoy fresh farm-to-table produce delivered to our doorstep the next day, while also uplifting the lives of our farmers.

Let us all join hands to show our love and support to our dear farmers by buying our local produce straight from the farms!


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