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Vegetable Garden

Join our growing community and be part of our exciting farm tours to meet our farmers exclusive for our first 100 customers! 

Send your order for our May 2023 delivery and receive exciting freebies with your order!

Our Story

It all started with the pandemic! Believe it or not, we were desperate to find a reliable, fresh local produce that can be delivered the next day right into our homes without hurting our pocket! Then we saw how the farmers were suffering during the lockdown in the country, due to unavailability of their fresh produce to be transported to the metro.

So we traveled all the way up north of Luzon, in our pursuit of getting fresh local produce put to our tables and see where it really come from. And how darn hard to earn a living through arable farming. It's a far cry from what we've thought. Then the farm-to-table concept sparked the idea that has now become the passion - to meet the farmers and learn how we can help them sell their goods without worrying about where to sell and how to deliver it to the customers without losing its fresh quality. Our first attempt of the next-day delivery was a success! Thanks to the farmers and traders we met along the way and helped us improve our process as we go along. The rest is history!

Our goal is not just to buy directly from the farmers, but to pick the 'good farms' that delivers freshly harvested produce on the same day, and deliver it right to your doorstep the next day! Indeed, you'll surely enjoy a true farm-to-table delivery without spending a fortune.

With 'The Good Farms', best quality is our guarantee!

Farmers Illustration
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