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A Lucky Food to Welcome the New Year

Did you know that many has believed that the 13 kinds of circular fruits is a lucky food to have on our Christmas table and that should last until the New Years Day?

Well, I personally believe in this and has been one of my christmas ritual for almost two decades since when an old friend encouraged me to do this as she said this is one of chinese tradition especially during their celebration of Lunar New Year that has a rich history behind it. But why 13 fruits? Well, the 12 fruits symbolizes good luck and prosperity for 12 months in a year while having an extra one would mean having more than enough.

Here are some of the rounded fruits believed to be highly auspicious and attracts good luck and fortune that should be included in your fruit basket:

  1. Apple - in chinese, the term apple is "ping" which means harmony;

  2. Banana - is a symbol of unity because it always comes in a bunch;

  3. Orange - a highly auspicious symbol of abundance, success and happiness;

  4. Kiat kiat - means more money, which you can also see in chinese stores in their storefront believed to attract more customers;

  5. Lemon - its citric odor and essence is known to drive away bad vibes;

  6. Mango (ripe) - color of money;

  7. Papaya - symbolizes good health;

  8. Pear - also attracts good health;

  9. Persimmon - highly sought and cherised fruit in China, Japan and Korea that symbolizes 'transformation' as the fruit matures, it becomes fruit and indicates wisdom that follows transformation;

  10. Pineapple - in chinese is "ong-lai" which means fortune cones saying wealth will come;

  11. Pomelos - good luck and family unity;

  12. Grapes and plums - this group of fruits is symbolic of good luck, wealth, fortune, gold, prosperity and fertility;

  13. Watermelon - symbolizes good fortune while its seeds is for prosperity, so do not choose the seedless one!

So there you go, we've consolidated these 13 fruits that will complete your festive table and sure to help you attract good luck and wealth for the upcoming New Year! As the saying goes, there's nothing to lose if you adapt this lucky ritual to welcome another year having new hopes and positivity. But let's not forget that having this lucky beliefs are just supplemental and nothing beats hardwork, perseverance, good deeds and faith in God.

The Good Farms is happy to deliver our 13kinds of Lucky Fruits to your table starting Dec 29. Order here soon as we've got limited stocks of our handcrafted baskets made from Pangasinan. :)

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