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Virgin Coconut Oil - A Wonderful Anti-Covid Says Experts

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

by The Good Farms PH

Amparitas Farms located in the Surigao Del Sur boasts their handcrafted natural products that uniquely offers health benefits versus the commercialized products we typically see from the supermarkets.

Did you know that the Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) can effectively combat the covid-19 virus with 60-90% efficacy for mild to moderate cases?

Check out the DOST case study about the healing wonders of VCO and make sure you grab one of our VCO bottles from the wonderful farm of Amparitas!

Amparitas VCOs are FDA approved where moisture is highly controlled and maintained to prolong its shelf life naturally. VCOs are not just famous now as a potential natural anti-viral properties for covid-19, but it's best known for its too many health benefits like detox, grey hair reducer, colon protectant, skin food and anti-aging, it also heals cells, improve our metabolism and increases our immunity. VCO is simply an amazing product that our country has overlooked for ages! Grab a bottle of the Amparitas VCO and mix it daily with your coffee or tea to best benefit from it for only Php 280 at 250ml bottle

Their 100% all natural Coco Sugar is best for pre-diabetic, diabetic and even those are cutting down their sugar intake. You can enjoy their 250g pack for only Php 180.

The Amparitas Cacao Tablea is made from 100% cacao harvested from the Amparitas Farms. They are naturally processed from cacao seeds guaranteed free from any preservatives, resulting from only a year shelf life. You can finally enjoy a hot Tsokolate conveniently and economically using their Cacao Tablea for only Php 175 for their 100g pack. Naturally processed chocolate products are rich in anti-oxidants and great food for the brain! Grab a bite of this delicious yet healthy treats and a big bang for your buck!

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